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Yes, you can setup a secure wireless network yourself keeping your computers and information private. Learn how with our videos and free unlimited tech support to make sure you are successful, guaranteed.

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Anyone can setup a secure wireless network. Sit down and watch our videos for 2 hours
and you will be able to secure your computers. Available online and on DVD. Buy Now

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Are your computers and network secure right now?

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If you haven't done anything proactive to secure you network it probably isn't secure. The router is the hub of your network.  It handles the connections between your computer, devices and the Internet and the majority of security. Did you know that when you buy a router from almost any manufacturer it is set to have your network unencrypted meaning anyone within it's signal reach can jump on your network and access your computers?  Maybe you know this and changed it to an encrypted setting.  Which encryption setting did you choose?   They are not all equally secure.  What about the router's password?  All routers come with a default username and password to access them and change settings.  This default username and password is the same for every router put out by the manufacturer.  If you haven't changed that password you are open to an attacker.  There are more security holes.  The videos show how to close them.

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Share Internet access, files and printers between all of the computer in your home

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Setting up sharing can be daunting. Especially if your computers don't all run the same version of Windows.  Windows XP, Vista and 7 need a lot of help to get along and allow you to share between computers.  The videos show you how to make them all get along and let you easily share your files, printers and Internet access.

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We support you as you setup a secure wireless network

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As you go through the process of learning you may have some questions.  We are here to support you through Email , Forums, or toll free phone support. 866-508-1113.  Really, yes, toll free phone support.  Go ahead and try it... We are manning the phones from 10AM to 10PM every day. Emails and Forum posts are answered within 24 hours, guaranteed, we usually answer in less than 2 hours.  

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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If you aren't satisfied with the videos or your results, in the first 30 days, we will refund your money. You Pay Nothing.  We are dedicated to the best in support and we strive to provide quick, accurate and useful help to all our customers.

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"I watched the videos a while ago, and I must say, they taught me EVERYTHING I needed to know about assembling a computer. Before watching, I had no idea about anything, but after watching them all, I feel confident assembling my own computer. As if this wasn't enough, the customer service is AMAZING. No where on the Internet have I ever found assistance as quick and as helpful as here. All my questions were answered way faster than I would have ever thought. I highly recommend this website to anyone interested in building their own computer!" Cougarelite

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