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Introduction to Home Network Builder

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In the next 2 hours we will take you through 5 sections or steps to set up your wireless home network.

Section 1 - Networking Hardware

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You will learn about the hardware you will need to complete your wireless home network. We'll show you the features to look for, how much to pay and where to buy.

Section 2 - Installing and Connecting Network Components

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We will connect the router to our modem and install the wireless network adapters into our computers

Section 3 - Configuring the Router

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We will make sure the router can see the modem and set up a secure wireless connection so all of our computers can connect to the router, making sure we keep unwanted computer from getting on our network.

Section 4 - Configuring and Connecting Devices

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We will go to each computer, get them on the network and on the Internet

Section 5: File and Printer Sharing

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We will configure Windows networking on each computer to enable file sharing. We will share files and printers on each of our computers. Finally we will connect to these files and printers across the network making sure all of our computers can access the files and printers that are shared.

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