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2 Levels of Security

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Level 1 - Ecrypted connection between your computer, this website and the payment processor.

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Go Daddy is the issuer of our security certificate. What this means is Go Daddy has certified that your connection to Home PC is secure.

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When you go to our Buy Now page, if you look at the bottom or top of your browser or in the address bar you'll see a lock alt. If you double-click on the lock in your browser it will open the certificate screen where you can confirm it is real.

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For Internet Explorer click View at the top of the browser and make sure Status Bar is checked.

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When you see the lock alt on your browser you can be sure that the information you send to complete your purchase will be sent securely.

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Level 2 - The Payment Processor

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alt If you choose PayPal as your payment option you bank or credit/debit information is handled by PayPal and is locked down securely on their servers.
alt If you choose to use a VISA, Mastercard, Amex or Discover credit/debit card your information is handled by and is locked down on their servers.

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0 # steven greenbaum 2008-07-01 06:25
Hi, If I buy the online lessons, is there a time liit?
0 # mcooper 2008-07-01 19:18
You have 1 month of online access with the DVD purchase. You can get additions months of access for $19.95. One month is enough for most people.


"I recently finished building my first, from scratch, computer with the help of your video series. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the excuse to build my next computer from scratch."

Check out my computer!
Kenneth Boege, Boston MA.

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"You have done a great job of putting together the video's. The instructions are very clear and the best I've ever seen! It's exactly what I was looking for to build my own computer. Great work!"
Anna Sasso

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