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Yes, you can increase your computer's performance 18% to 50% by overclocking your CPU. Learn how with our videos and free unlimited tech support to make sure you are successful, guaranteed.

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Anyone can overclock a CPU. Sit down and watch our videos and you will
be able to overclock your CPU. Available online and on DVD. Buy Now

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Learn how to increase your computer's performance 18% to 50% by overclocking your CPU

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The CPU is the heart of a computer. Everything runs through the CPU or Central Processing Unit. The faster the CPU, the faster the computer. When a CPU is made it is tested to make sure it runs stable at the speed it is supposed to run at. Take for example an Intel Core i5 750 CPU. It is supposed to run at 2.66GHz so Intel tests it to make sure it does run stably at that speed. What Intel doesn't tell you is that this CPU can actually be made to run at 4GHz or faster. That's a 50% increase in the speed of the computer.

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Well then how do I get it to run faster you ask? That's what our videos show you how to do. The videos walk you through overclocking your Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 or AMD Athlon II or Phenom II CPU. As long as your motherboard's BIOS has the required settings and you have an hour to spare to learn you can increase your computer's performance dramatically. And yes the videos show you how to tell if your computer has the BIOS settings necessary to overclock the CPU and yes these videos are free. Check out Lesson 3 of the Intel or AMD videos.

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We support you as you Overclock your CPU

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As you go through the process of learning and actually overclocking your CPU to improve performance you may have some questions. We are here to support you through Email , Forums, or toll free phone support. 866-508-1113. Really, yes, toll free phone support. Go ahead and try it... We are manning the phones from 10AM to 10PM every day. Emails and Forum posts are answered within 24 hours, guaranteed, we usually answer in less than 2 hours.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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If you aren't satisfied with the videos or your results, in the first 30 days, we will refund your money. You Pay Nothing. We are dedicated to the best in support and we strive to provide quick, accurate and useful help to all our customers.

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Intel & AMD CPU OC

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$1200 Computer

Tech Specs
Intel Core i5 4670K 3.4GHz
8GB DDR3 Memory
1TB Hard Drive
Geforce GTX 650 Ti Video card
24X DVD Burner
Creative X-Fi Sound card
23" Widescreen Monitor
Logitech Z623 Speakers
Logitech G9x Mouse
Logitech G510 Keyboard

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