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Lesson 05 - Overclocking the CPU to 3.8GHz and beyond


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First we will show how to find the maximum stable frequency on a Black Edition CPU using the CPU multiplier to raise the frequency. Then we will show how to find the maximum stable frequency on a non-Black Edition CPU using only reference clock increases to raise the CPU frequency.

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There is no sample video for this lesson. This video jumps right in overclocking the CPU and we just can't give that away can we.

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+9 # Yea sure 2011-02-04 01:49
Cmon, 20bucks for something like that?
You've got to be kidding on me...

I'm going to do the same for FREE on Youtube...

Greedy bastards.
-12 # admin2 2011-02-04 08:51
If you can find the same quality and thoroughness on YouTube you go right ahead, you won't find it though. If you have questions you will be on your own. We offer email and phone support to our customers. You get what you pay for.
0 # insatiate76 2011-08-11 21:54
Great video on how Overclocking works, and the different methods of how to do it. He teaches you a safe method, and clearly shows how to do each step.

I wanted someone to explain the steps, and this video did a great job of that. If you want to purchase the DVD on Overclocking, there is no subscription/overclocking package when writing this review.

I would recommend these videos to a friend, that wanted to learn all about overclocking, inside and out.
0 # Cenitros 2012-11-01 18:57
I am so appriciated from your ideos and i am already subscribed.I have a question...What is the limit of CPU what temprature CPU is normal to work...In which temprature CPU should be...
0 # admin2 2012-11-02 07:15
That depends on the CPU. Some CPUs can go up to 100c others go to around 70c. If the CPU temp goes higher the computer shuts itself off.

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