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Lesson 04 - Finding Drivers and Installing Windows

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In this lesson are we are going to download drivers for our SATA controller so we can install Windows onto a single drive or RAID array. If you are installing Windows XP or Vista this is must. If you’re install Windows 7 there is a good chance that 7 already has a driver built in that is compatible with your motherboard’s SATA controller. Its a good idea to go ahead and download the driver just in case it doesn't.

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Finding Drivers for the SATA RAID Controller

We have a Gigabyte motherboard so we’ll go to, support and downloads and type in our motherboard’s model number. We have rev 1. and will go to Driver. Here we need to choose our operating system, which is Windows 7 64 bit. In the list we’ll look for SATA or RAID. The drivers we need to get Windows to see the SATA drive or RAID array during install will be small. Here it is called the Intel SATA RAID Pre-install driver. It is made small so it can fit onto a floppy disk if needed. If you are install Windows XP you will need a blank floppy disk to copy the driver files to. For Windows Vista or 7 you can copy the files to a CD or USB thumb drive. Of course while you are here you can go ahead and download the other drivers you will need for after Windows is installed to get all of the other hardware working. To watch all of our complete video lessons with full written instructions you will need to purchase a login for the site. Buy Now..


0 # jbecktell 2012-03-12 19:36
I am going to have a 2 TB HDD and a 64 GB SSD in my build. Do I want the SSD or HDD to be in SATA slot 1? I am planning on putting windows on the SSD and practically everything else on the HDD.
0 # admin2 2013-03-02 19:57
It does not matter unless you have more than one bootable drive. In that case the drive on the lowest number SATA port will boot by default. This can be changed in the BIOS.

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