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Lesson 02 - Other Features of SSDs and RAID

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TRIM Support and Garbage Cleanup

SSDs can suffer from speed degradation over time. The cause of the slow down is the time it takes for the SSD to delete no longer needed data before writing new data. This progressive slow down has largely been eliminated through the use of garbage collection mechanisms built into modern SSDs. These mechanisms actively look for unneeded data on the SSD and delete it before the SSD needs to write new data.

Another way to help with garbage collection is to look for an SSD that supports TRIM. Most drives currently on the market do support TRIM. TRIM is a command built into Windows 7 that works with the SSD to improve garbage cleanup.

SSD Firmware Updates

Firmware is the software that performs low level operations on the SSD. Updates to an SSD’s firmware can improve speed, reliability and available space on the drive.To watch all of our complete video lessons with full written instructions you will need to purchase a login for the site. Buy Now..

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Logitech Z623 Speakers
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