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Feb 12

Motherboard Diagrams

Posted by Sandy Howell in Untagged 

Sandy Howell

Any place I can go to get motherboard diagrams, doing a school project on ATX, MicoATX,FlexATX, BTX and NLX


Feb 01

Nvidia GTX 560 Ti First Benchmarks and Reviews

Posted by Admin2 in video cards , Hardware


Maximum PC has 3 articles on the new video cards from Nvidia.  There is a first benchmarks write up on the reference card from Nvidia and two reviews of retail cards from Asus and MSI.

These cards are meant to challenge the ATI 6870 video cards, will cost around $250 and should be available within a week.  I want one.

Maximum PC Reviews

Nvidia's New GTX 560 Ti: First Benchmark Results Here

Asus ENGTX560 Ti DCII Videocard Review

MSI NGTX560 Ti Twin Frozr OC Videocard Review Review



Feb 01

Intel Sandy Bridge chipset has a defect and is being recalled.

Posted by Admin2 in motherboard , Hardware , CPU


Sandy Bridge is the code name for the 2nd gen Core i5 and i7 CPU we just posted about.  Apparently a part of the chipset that goes onto Sandy Bridge motherboards is defective or will become defective over time.  There isn't a full list of motherboards that are being recalled yet.  If you recently purchased a new socket 1155 motherboard you may need a replacement.

Feb 01

The 2nd generation Core i5 and i7 CPUs are available.

Posted by Admin2 in Overclocking , CPU


You'll need a new motherboard (new socket 1155) and they take Dual Channel DDR3 RAM.  The motherboards are much cheaper than the first socket 1366 boards.  You can get a really decent motherboard for $150 to 0.  There are several models to choose from.  The 2500K i5 and 2600K i7 are the ones to get.  They are around $225 and $330 respectively.  

I'd go with the 2500K.  It is only .1GHz slower than the 2600K and will overclock to about the same speed. 4.3GHz is what most people are getting them to with the stock cooler.  4.5GHz or 4.6GHz with a better cooler.  The 2500K and 2600K are clock unlocked.  This means you just have to increase some of the voltages and increase the CPU multiplier to overclock them.  You don't have to mess with the base clock or make sure the other components don't get overclocked to far as you go along.  

We'll be updating the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 overclocking videos soon to show overclocking one of the new Core i5s and i7s.  The videos as they are now are still very instructive so don't wait.  The process is basically the same. Slowly raise the CPU frequency applying more voltage as needed to keep the system stable.  The voltage settings didn't change so what is in the videos now still applies.

Here are some reviews of the new chips.

Feb 01

The blog is up and working.

Posted by Admin2 in site news


You've been able to see old blog posts but I haven't been able to post new ones.  The blogging component has been down.  I think it happed when I updated the Joomla install to the latest version.  Joomla is the software that this website runs on.  I tried several times to contact the maker of the blogging component and finally received an email from them yesterday informing me that there was a problem with their email system.  They also said I would have to pay them to get the blog back up and running.  

Here is the thing.  I know they are lying about their email being down.  I know this because about 2 week ago I sent them an email with a log in to the site so they could take a look and see what is going on.  Shortly after, I saw them log into the site...  They didn't fix anything and are now claiming they have  just received my emails. After a long search I was able to find a new enough version of the software to get the blog working again. 

I hate to condemn an entire company for what may be the actions or inactions of a few people who work there but beware of


Nov 25

Nvidia Geforce GTX 580 video cards are now available

Posted by Admin2 in video cards


On the heals of the ATI 6850 and 6870 released last month, Nvidia's GTX 580 cards are now available online.  These new cards are selling for just over $500 and are the fastest single chip cards on the market.  Nvidia will undoubtedly release 570, 560 and lower denomination cards in coming months with lower prices and less performance.  

HardOCP GTX 580 Review
Bit-Tech GTX 580 Review
Hot Hardware GTX 580 Review 

Nov 17

RAID drive performance?

Posted by Darren Graham in Untagged 

Darren Graham


 I was wondering in real world terms if anyone can advise on the benefits of a RAID 1  configuration for the following system (for performance boost and backup) and if the HD not in RAID would be causing a bottle neck to the overall system performance?

 Asus P6X58D-E

i7-950 O/C'ed to 4Ghz w/ Zalman 9900MAX cooler

3x2Gb Kington Hyper-X T1 2000mhz

Sapphire 5850 Vapor-X 1Gb

Windows 7 64bit

HDs would be 2x WD Caviar Black SATA II in RAID 1 config (currently just 1x)



Nov 03

The Memory Upgrade Videos are Now Online!!!

Posted by Admin2 in site news , memory


These videos are intended to teach anyone how to upgrade the memory in their desktop or laptop computer. 

You'll notice a new Upgrading your PC Videos drop down menu at the top of the site.  We've combined the Community and Support drop down menus to make room for it.

Lesson 1 is an introduction to upgrading RAM

Lesson 2 goes into further details of the features and specification of memory

Lesson 3 shows buying RAM online and install DDR3 memory into a desktop computer

Lesson 4 shows installing DDR2 RAM into another desktop and a laptop computer

If you have a subscription to the online videos you can login and watch all of the videos.  If you're not logged in you can watch Lesson 1 in it's entirety.  Lesson 2 through 4 are shortened sample videos.  

To get access to all of our videos go to the Buy Now link, go through the buying process and you'll have access in a few minutes. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me or call toll free 866-508-1113. 

Oct 22

New ATI 6800 Series Video Cards

Posted by Admin2 in video cards


Usually when ATI or Nvidia release a new series of video cards the performance increase over the previous generation is at least 50%.  This is not the case here.  The ATI 6850 is about 5% to 10% slower than the 5850.  What the hell is the point?

Well ATI is introducing 3D stereoscopic glasses capabilities.  Nvidia has had this for a few years now, so its good of ATI to get on-board.  The problem is they really aren't getting on-board.  The 6800 series video cards are capable of 3D, but ATI isn't selling a 3D kit with glasses, the software, recommendations on monitors to use and there is no official support in any games.  You're basically left on your own to get the 3D to work.  Again.  What the hell ATI?

Oh, there is a new video streaming capability in the chip.  It can decode two 1080p video streams at the same time all without the help of the CPU.  Wow.  That is really useful.

Maybe I'm missing something.  Heres a few links to reviews.

Update:  Its the pricing.   The 5850s are around $260 and the 6850s are around $180.  So being about 5% to 10% slower is OK at these reduced prices.  I still don't understand the naming though. Going from 5800 series to 6800 series should be reserved for a major performance increase.  They way they did it is just going to confuse buyers. 

Oct 13

All of the Computer Parts Lists are Updated!

Posted by Admin2 in site news

We upgraded the CPUs on the $250, $500 and $800 computers and we upgraded the video cards on the $1800 and $2300 computers.   The rest was price changes, mostly downward.
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