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Nov 27

All parts lists are updated. Hard drive prices have nearly doubled!

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We've gone through and updated all of the parts lists. We changed the CPU, motherboard and RAM on the $1800 and up computers to the new Intel Core i7-3930K 3.2GHz LGA 2011 Six-Core CPU. We also upgraded the video cards on the $2300 computer to the latest 2 chip model cards from Nvidia and AMD (ATI).

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There were of course prices changes, mostly down with the exception of hard drives. In the past 2 weeks prices for hard drives have almost doubled. This is being blamed on the flooding in Thailand where a lot of hard drives are manufactured. To keep the cost of each parts list down we have downgraded the hard drives on the $1200 and up computers to 1TB drives.

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You can find the main parts lists page here.

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