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These videos cover older hardware and software that is not normally used in building a new computer today.  

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Windows XP installation video from 2009

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This video covers installing Windows XP

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Windows XP Drivers installation video from 2009

This video covers installing drivers in Windows XP and partitioning and formating a hard drive in Windows. 


Hard drive installation video from 2008

This video shows installing a floppy drive and setting the jumpers on 2 IDE hard drives to configure one as master and the other as slave.  This is only for IDE drives.  If you have an SATA hard drive please watch the 2009 version of the installation video located under Video Lessons at the top of the page.  


DVD drive installation video from 2008

Here we show how to set the jumpers on 2 IDE DVD drives.  Like IDE hard drives, IDE DVD drives have to be configured as master and slave.


Data cable installation video from 2008

This video shows how to install an IDE data cable between to 2 IDE DVD drives and the motherboard.  Installing a floppy drive cable is also shown.