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Lesson 2: RAM and CPU installation - How to install the RAM, processor and CPU cooler

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In this lesson we’ll be installing the memory sticks and processor onto the motherboard as well as the heat sink and fan, to cool the processor.

Static Electricity

Before we start let’s talk about static electricity. If you’ve ever shocked another person by touching them or gotten a shock touching a door knob, you know what we mean. Static electricity is deadly to computer parts.

Carpet is a big generator of static electricity, so it’s best to work on solid floors. If you have to stand on carpet, be sure to wear rubber soled shoes, which will insulate you from the carpet.

A good way to drain your self of static is to touch the computer case before handling the other parts.

Also try to handle the parts by only touching the edges. Avoid touching the chips and exposed circuits.

By using these simple precautions you’ll greatly reduce the chance of component failures.

First we'll show how to install 2 DDR3 memory sticks and an AMD FM1, FM2 or AM3+ CPU and cooler onto a socket FM1, FM2 or AM3+ motherboard.  Then we'll show how to install a Core i5 processor onto an Intel Socket 1150 or 1155 motherboard.   Last we’ll install 4 DDR3 memory stick and a Core i7 processor onto an Intel socket LGA 2011 motherboard.

How to install 2, DDR3 RAM Sticks in Dual Channel Mode (Memory)

To install the memory sticks, first find the memory slots on the motherboard. The slots are numbered and you should install the memory sticks into either the first and second, first and 3rd or 2nd and 4th slots. See your motherboard manual to be sure you use the correct slots to enable Dual Channel mode. The slots have tabs on each side to hold the sticks in place. On this motherboard we'll open the tabs on the 2nd and 4th slots, to install the RAM sticks in Dual Channel mode.

Take a look at the memory stick and you’ll see a notch on the bottom, slightly off center. This notch matches up with a notch on the memory slot and is there to prevent the memory stick from going in backwards.


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Your tutorial is very thorough, precise, detailed and easy to understand.
My PC is up and running very well and it is all thanks to your video. 

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