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Lesson 3: Motherboard installation - make a computer

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In lesson 3 we'll take the next step to make a computer by installing the motherboard into the case. We'll attach the Intel CPU cooler to the motherboard and connect the cables to the motherboard.

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Motherboard Risers

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To install the motherboard into our case we first have to position the risers. The risers are designed to raise the motherboard off the back of the case to prevent an electrical short. Some cases will come with the standard ATX risers installed.

The risers are screwed into positions around the back of the case to match up with screw holes on the motherboard. The risers have screw holes in them to allow another screw to go through the motherboards holes and secure the motherboard to the case.

Some cases, like this one, come with risers that are built in.

The best way to find the positions for the risers in the case, is to hold the motherboard in place and look for the holes in the case that correspond to the holes in the motherboard.

Be sure to put risers where ever a screw can go through a hole in the motherboard. It’s important not to add unneeded risers because any risers that don’t correspond to a hole in the motherboard will make contact with the circuits on the back and short out the motherboard.

Once the risers are in place we need to install the face plate for the motherboards external connectors on the back of the case.

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Face Plate (rear panel)

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The faceplate is included with the motherboard.

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very very informative. but ihave nomoney to buy
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"I just built my very first PC and I could not have done it without your tutorial. I learned so much about what to do and not do, what to look for and what to avoid.
Your tutorial is very thorough, precise, detailed and easy to understand.
My PC is up and running very well and it is all thanks to your video.

Check out the computer I built!
Thanks again!
Norman Lao

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